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12:13 Fri, 26 Apr 2019

For Latest Updates and Events Please Check Out the Inspire FM Events Section!
For Latest Updates and Events Please Check Out the Inspire FM Events Section!

Why did a Luton pre-school give £2,200 to Tottenham?

On 5th October, Mrs Anwar, the Manager of Downside pre-school and Chaul End nursery, and her team held a fundraiser. They raised an amazing amount of £2,200.00 in aid of Support Guidance Voice (SGV) Cancer Support. This small, but much needed, London charity has been offering support for over 14 years in Tottenham.

The fundraiser included exciting activities such as a sponsored Super Hero dressing up event. The event received an enthusiastic response from the many parents, children and the staff of the pre-school, nursery and Downside primary school. A raffle, face painting and excellent food contributed to a great party atmosphere.

Why SGV Cancer Support?

Mrs Anwar and her team have had a long association with SGV. The charity works to provide a weekly place for those affected by cancer to meet and share their experiences. Going back to its early fundraising days, Mrs Anwar’s team have travelled from Luton to North London to support the charity’s fundraising activities.

Becoming aware of the fundraising difficulties facing SGV in running the weekly Cancer Drop-in Centre, Mrs Anwar decided to raise funds locally in Luton this year.

In the 14 years the charity has been fundraising, the group has never experienced such a spectacular response. The charity was very grateful for the generous donation.

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