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Students in Luton received their GCSE results today which, for the first time in two years, were based on externally marked exams.

This year’s students were the first to sit exams since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The number of top grades in the country dropped this year after last year’s teacher-assessed grades but were higher than pre-pandemic results.

Adrian Rodgers, CEO of the Chiltern Learning Trust which manages six secondary schools in Luton, said: “All schools were delighted with the results today. We’re very fortunate that we have a high aspirational community in Luton and that really helps us push on with our results and progress.”

challney girls students

Challney High School for Girls received “really strong” results across the board in every single subject with headline figures for English and maths.

Headteacher Jo Mylles said: “We are absolutely in awe of this year group because they’ve had three years of interrupted education but they have been resilient, focused and determined.

“They have been supported really well by the teachers and their parents so really it’s a team that brings results like this.”

Sara from Challney Girls achieved grade 9s in most of her subjects and was “absolutely ecstatic”.

Sara said her results were down to “a strong support system, having an ambition and working hard.”

Stockwood Park Academy student, Karim made his mum “proud” with his results which consisted of mostly grade 8s and Distinction* in two subjects. He’s looking forward to studying biology, chemistry and maths at Luton Sixth Form College.

Denbigh High School student, Saiba, did “way better than expected” and received grades 8 in maths, geography and French. She will be studying biology, chemistry and sociology at college with aspirations of studying medicine at university.

Image of student and headteacher at Denbigh High School

Students at Al-Hikmah Girls were cheering and smiling as they opened their results. 82% of students attained grade 4 and above in at least five GCSEs.

One student, Zainab, was feeling “great” after receiving her results and will go on to study biomedical science.

Al-Hikmah Girls Headteacher, Ms Haya, said: “The results have been fantastic across the board with most students achieving higher than expected.”

Syeda from Chalk Hills Academy achieved grades 9 in biology, chemistry and French. She will now go on to study biology, chemistry, maths and French at St George’s Sixth Form.

Harry achieved four grade 9s and five grade 8s at Chalk Hills Academy and will go on to study law, history and English at The Shared Learning Trust Sixth Form.

Raza Ali, Head of School at Chalk Hills Academy, said: “We are absolutely ecstatic with our results. The last couple of years have made it very hard for our young people, especially with their mental health and wellbeing, but despite that, we have really pushed above and beyond and our results are a reflection of that.”

Mr Ali added: “I want to congratulate all our students and staff. They have shown a lot of resilience more than any year I can remember.”

There were big smiles at Challney High School for Boys with headteacher Daniel Connor feeling “proud and grateful” with the school’s “breathtaking” results.

Mr Connor said: “The results have been a real testament to the resilience and fortitude of the staff, the community and the young people themselves.”

Deputy Head Boy Farzanul achieved grade 9s across all of his 10 subjects and was feeling “relieved” that all of the hard work over the last few years has paid off. He will be studying maths, further maths and physics at Luton Sixth Form College with aspirations of becoming an engineer.

Students and teachers at Challney BoysMany students will be going to college in September with ambitions to enter careers in medicine, engineering, law and bakery.

Inspire FM would like to congratulate all students on their GCSE results and thank the teachers and parents for their support.

The results come after the A-Level results which were released last week.

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