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Businesses across Luton are helping to bridge the digital divide in Luton.

On Thursday 3 December, up to 100% of sales will go towards supporting young people with learning equipment.

Inspire FM together with Discover Islam and Luton Mosques have launched this campaign to support the work of Luton Learning Link.

Almost half of all young people in Luton live in poverty.

Without access to vital learning equipment, children are unable to perform their best at school.

By simply shopping, you can help us to provide 200 laptops to young people across our town.

Here’s where your shopping will help make a change:

Aegis Training (£50 from every SIA course booked for 14th December)

Call: 03300 500 800

Anwar Designs (50% of fee from logo designs booked in December)

Email: anwarrio@gmail.com

Baker Mij (£10 from every 12 macrons variety pack)

Call: 07494 660025

Cakes Exquisite (100% of sales from box of 12 cupcakes)

WhatsApp: 07931 244220

Census Accountancy Services (50% of the annual fee for services and 80% for a one-off task)

Call: 07884 308754

Chai and Chapati (25% of sales from certain products)

Visit: 187 Dunstable Road, Luton LU1 1BT
Call:  01582 249650

CovEx 360 (25% of all sales)

Call: 07983 494900
Email: sales@covex360.com

Covid-19 RT-PCR Test for Travel (£50 of every test)

Call: 07985 732526

Desi Canteen Luton (30% of meat or chicken biryani sales)

WhatsApp: 07539 329577
Order on Facebook
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Desi Snakz  (100% of sales from samosa chaat and cheesecakes)

WhatsApp: 07935 070714

Dr Pharmacy (100% of vitamin C and hand sanitiser sales)

Visit: 351 Dunstable Road, Luton LU4 8BY
Call: 01582 583870

Fancy Deli (100% of sales for cake slices priced at £5 each. Total of 16 slices shall be available)

Call: 07540 183886

Five Bros Kebab (50% of sales from lamb doner meals)

Visit: 392b Leagrave Road, Luton LU3 1RG
Call: 01582 593161

Gios Pizza (100% of sales from all side orders)

Visit: 10 Dunstable Place, Luton LU1 2QT
Call: 01582 727273

Haleema Travel (£20 from each ticket purchased and £5 from every money transaction to Pakistan (mention Inspire FM))

Visit: 171B Dunstable Road, Luton LU1 1BT
Call:  01582 343075

Instant_Shakes (100% of sales from milkshakes)

Lantern (auction)

Taking place via zoom at 7pm for ladies only.
For more info email  lanternluton@gmail.com

Luton PPE (100% of sales)

Call: 07498 123247

Mehndi Gems (50% of sales)

Email: mehndigems@outlook.com

Nasons (all profits from baby chickens)

Visit: 3 Cosgrove Way, Luton LU1 1XL
Call: 01582 455922
Website: www.npsuk.co

New Ambala (25% of all sales)

Visit: 221 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8BN
Call: 01582 729085

Niralla Sweets (25% of all sales)

Visit: 15B Leagrave Road, Luton LU4 8HT
Call: 01582 482395
Website: niralla.co.uk

Optimized Body & Mind (all profits from B12 vitamin shots at £40 Each)

Visit: 7 Upper George Street, Luton LU1 2QX,
Call: 01582 323007

Pablos Pizza (10% of all sales)
Visit: 163 Marsh Road, Luton LU3 2QQ
Call: 01582 585555

QAMR Ltd (100% of sales)

Sheen Luton (50% of all sales)
Visit: 358 Leagrave Road, Luton LU4 8HZ
Call: 07724 262800

Inspire FM together with Discover Islam and Luton Mosques would like to thank the above businesses for their support including those that have donated towards the project:

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