Saudi Arabia announces the new moon was not sighted today (29 Shaban 1444 / 21 March 2023) and 1st Ramadhan will be Thursday 23 March. See below for when Luton Masjids will be commencing Ramadhan 2023/1444. DOWNLOAD YOUR RAMADHAN TIMETABLE When is Ramadhan 2023 in Luton? Masjid 1st Ramadhan Al-Hira Centre Thursday 23rd Al-Jalal Masjid [...]
People of all faith backgrounds and none are invited to attend Luton’s Big Iftar on Friday 31 March. Inspire FM and Atrumed Healthcare are excited to present this annual community get-together, during the month of Ramadan, at St George’s Square. Tickets for this year’s event are now live with proceeds going towards tackling holiday hunger [...]
With Ramadan almost upon us again, many of us are considering how best to use our time to get the most reward and benefit from the month. Ramadhan is meant as both a physical and spiritual journey. It’s the yearly opportunity to improve our character and strengthen our iman. Here are 7 ways we can [...]
Masjid/Musalla Isha Jamaat Sisters Facilities Al-Hira Centre 21:45 Al-Jalal Masjid 21:30 Bait ul Abrar Jamia Masjid 21:45 Bury Park Jamia Masjid 21:30 Bushmead Community Hub 21:45 Yes Faizan-e-Mushkil Kusha Masjid 22:15   Farley Hill Masjid 20:00 Hockwell Ring Masjid 21:45 Yes Jalalabad Jamia Masjid 21:45 Jamia Al-Akbaria 21:45 Yes Jamia Islamia Ghousia Trust 21:35 Kokni [...]

Inspirational campaigner Amani Liaquat was one of a number of community heroes honoured at The Big Iftar after the event returned last week in St George’s Square. The 23-year-old student passed away in February this year following her diagnosis with a rare and aggressive brain tumour after collapsing in her home on 29 April 2020, […]

People of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to share food and good company as Luton’s Big Iftar returns on Friday 8 April. The celebratory event, which runs during the month of Ramadhan, will take place in St. George’s Square. Inspire FM, together with a range of local partners, bring you this annual get together which ends [...]
The Fast-a-thon challenge is held every year in the month of Ramadhan to raise awareness about the issue of child poverty in our town. As part of this, our friends at Discover Islam Luton are encouraging people of all faiths and backgrounds to sign up and fast for a day from dawn to sunset (or skip lunch, if preferred). [...]

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