10 Actions Muslim Students Should Do During Their First Week

Written by on September 21, 2018

Starting University can be very daunting, especially if you’re moving away from home but, it’s an opportunity to become independent and develop life skills. Skills such as learning how NOT to burn toast and more advanced skills like managing your finances.

We understand how difficult it is moving away from home and living in a new place you don’t know very well. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 things you should do when you’ve moved to your new home.

1. Get the Right Direction – Moving into a new place whether it be in halls of residence or a house you’re likely to be praying most of your prayers there. So find the direction you’ll be praying towards using a qibla finder tool such as this one.

2. Find the Nearest Mosque – Depending on where you go to study there may be a lot of mosques near you or very few. Locate your local mosque or find the prayer room on your university campus where you can go to pray.

3. Explore your New Home – Moving to a new city can be exciting but also nerve-racking as you may not know many people. Become accustomed to your surroundings by going on a little adventure to explore the area around where you live and your university campus. This may be a great way to bond with your new flat or course mates.

4. Find the Halal Butchers – How long can you go without eating lamb chops or chicken biriyani? Hunt down your local halal butchers so you can start cooking some meat and chicken dishes.

5. Learn to Cook – It may be hard balancing your studies with other responsibilities such as cooking, but living off fast food the entire time you’re at university isn’t good for your health nor your bank balance. Ask family members for recipes or look online for simple dishes you can start off with. Who knows, you may not just leave university with a degree, but also some 5-star cooking skills.

6. Get Involved – University isn’t just about getting a degree. There’s so many opportunities to develop your skills and gain a broad range of experience all whilst having fun. There’s a lot that you can do alongside attending your lectures. You can join a society or sports club, become a student representative or volunteer for a local project.

7. Join ISoc – Speaking about societies, most universities will have an Islamic Society, also known as ISoc, which is a great place to meet new people and make friends. They hold events and activities throughout the year that you can get involved in. Check out your students’ union website and find the societies page to join or visit them at the freshers fair.

8. Say Hello – Your lecturers and personal tutor can give you a lot of guidance and support whilst you’re at university. Book a meeting with them at the start of the year to introduce yourself. If they know you, they are more likely to help you when you ask.

9. Confirm Before Buying – University books aren’t cheap so wait until you’re sure that you need the book before purchasing. Sometimes there are free online versions or books in your library that you can borrow. If you need to buy the books, look for second hand books or previous editions to save you some money.

10. Budget – Living out for university isn’t cheap even if you’ve moved to Hull – the most affordable student city in the UK (according to the Natwest Student Living Index). Having a budget will allow you to control your expenditure and prevent you from running out of money for milk because cereal with water isn’t the best combination.

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